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Frequently Asked Questions

A relocation program comprises formal relocation policies that outline the company’s relocation benefits, explain who is eligible and describe how the company directs the program. A relocation program can be very simple, such as a fixed, lump-sum payment or quite complex, such as global relocation program with many different policies.

To provide the incentive to the employees to accept a move to the different company location, most of the companies provide the package of the relocation assistance. They offers lump sum money, reimbursement of the relocation cost as they occur or more comprehensive array of the benefits. Most of the companies expect to defray some of the employee’s relocation costs, not absorb the entire cost of the move.

A typical relocation package comprises

  • Comprises sufficient financial incentives to persuade the employees to accept the relocation and complete the move
  • Reflects the employee’s job level and expectations (college grads vs. executives)
  • Includes essential services to enable the employee to work in the new location (such as visa and immigration services for international assignments)
  • Ideally includes some element of employee choice so that the benefits meet the individual employee’s needs
  • Is sufficient to keep the company competitive as it vies for the best talent.

The relocation package values vary widely conditional on the company, industry, scope of the relocation and employee job level. According to APML, it cost economically to relocate a transferee who rents their home and about to relocate a homeowner.

The all-embracing goals for a relocation package are here to help the employee dispose of the current home, search a new home and move any household goods. International moves will also comprise immigration and visa services to make sure the employees and family could work legally in the host location and usually other settling services as well. The simplest package are a lump sum of money that the employees.

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