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As India’s largest owned and operated freight forwarding company, APML Global provides inclusive logistics and custom brokerage services at the key entry points. Our specialists expedite critical customs clearances for you, with our offices staffed by licensed customs brokers, with our operational staff having an industry designation (CCS, PFF). With operations that comprise an extensive network of affiliates which provide compliant clearance solutions, you can ship your goods with peace of mind. Each country operates under a different set of rules and regulations regarding the transfer of goods entering or leaving their borders. Customs regulations and laws concerning the import and export of goods are constantly changing all over the world, sometimes even daily.

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APML Staff Reliable and Qualified, Licensed Customs Brokerage & Import/Export Agents!

At APML, our Customs Specialists are well-versed in the rules and regulations governing the shipping of goods. They ensure that these regulations are followed to make the shipping process smoother for you. Our customs brokers take care of dealing with customs officials and learning shipping regulations, so you can focus on managing your core business without worrying about the complexities of shipping.

APML Service Customs Compliance & Logistics

Customs brokerage firms play a crucial role in facilitating the shipment and delivery of goods across international borders for both individuals and organizations. These firms act as intermediaries between the shipping parties and the government agencies involved in the process. Customs brokers act as translators, ensuring that all the necessary procedures are followed and communicating with the relevant agencies throughout the shipping process.

Our Customs Specialists can help you!

APML specializes in imports and exports anywhere in Globe and offers several supply chain services on both sides of the Indian border. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional international trade services and best practices to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our Value-Added Features


Customer Centric Approach

We strive to understand customer’s needs and deliver exceptional service.


Operational Excellence

We owe it to ourselves to engage in a perpetual quest for excellence at every level of our organization.


End-to-End Custom Solution

We provide efficient & reliable, end-to-end customized solutions across different business sectors.


Bespoke Solutions

Customized Solutions for Various Verticals & Trade Lanes.



Personalized global shipment visibility 24/7/365 on any device.



Purchase Order Management and global supply chain optimization


Data Intelligence

Data analysis and interpretation for strategic insights


Advanced Technology

Cutting-edge technology to improve global visibility and supply chain management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Freight Forwarding is what your freight forwarder does for you. And what your freight forwarder does acts as your well-informed guide to getting you the best shipping services at the best price quotes. We also manage the process of getting customs clearance for your shipment and make sure that you’re kept updated with the progress of your shipment while they’re in transit.

FCL stands for Full Container Load. This is when you need to transport a large quantity of goods and you pay for an entire shipping container for your shipment. On the other hand, LCL stands for ‘Less Than Container Load’ shipment. It means your goods will likely share container space with other shipments, but you only pay for the space that your shipment occupies.

As soon as your inquiry is registered, you gain access to our entire shipping schedule and the freight carriers in our network. Enter the details of your cargo details and where you’re shipping from and to, and we provide an instant range of competitively priced shipping quotes to choose from — and we also offer flexible payment terms.