Seamless and integrated Multimodal freight forwarding solutions

APML Global offers rapid freight deliveries throughout the globe—including groupage, full-load, part load and express service. You’ll get the advantage of our in-depth expertise in managing freight services. You’ll benefit from our extensive experience in managing freight services through the worldwide network of multimodal transportation including road, rail and multimodal partners. We are experts in offering efficient and speedy multimodal freight forwarding comprising import/export documentation, groupage services, scheduled shipments etc.

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Expertise to Manage Door-to-Door delivery shipment

Be it you require multimodal freight forwarding solutions and ask for help in opting for the most effective mode for your cargo, APML Global have the proficiency and expertise to manage door-to-door delivery shipment from anywhere to everywhere in the world. All types of express cargo are handled and for part and full loads we provide the following core services:

    • Collections
    • Cargo compatibility
    • Scheduled shipments
    • Scheduled shipments
    • CMR/POD
    • Tracking and event management
    • Packing support

Need to make savings on your multimodal freight forwarding costs?

Are you tired of hidden costs in your international freight deliveries? Our team of multimodal freight specialists can help you identify and remove these costs, while also analyzing your spending to see where you could be saving money. We offer a one-stop shop for all your sea and land-based freight needs, making international shipping easier and more cost-effective. Don't let hidden costs eat away at your profits - let us help you streamline your freight operations today.

Balance Shipping Speed and Cost

Long ocean trips give you the lowest cost, but slow down your supply chain and cash cycle. APML offers sea-air, air-sea, and road-rail solutions to help you achieve the right balance of shipping cost and speed.

    • Faster: 50% faster than ocean freight only.
    • Cheaper: Up to 40% cheaper than air freight only.
    • Sustainable: Shift to a lower CO2 mode for part of the journey.

Why APML Global for Systematic Freight Forwarding?

    • Experience with Complex Moves: APML specializes in planning and executing all aspects of complex door-to-door, international freight moves, which require careful coordination of arrival and departure times between modes.
    • Simplified Shipping Documentation: Sea-air freight moves on a single transport document.
    • 24/7 Visibility: Progress is captured in real-time after every shipping milestone so you are always in touch and in control.

APML specialists handle all aspects of your multimodal freight shipments, including planning, transportation and customs clearance. The first step to implementing multimodal shipping services is to partner with a reputable 3PL that offers top-notch solutions, integrative technologies and unmatched support. At APML Freight Forwarding, we pride ourselves on providing best-in-class solutions for our network of customers across the nation. We have world-class freight solutions you need to keep your business on the right track.

Our Value-Added Features


Customer Centric Approach

We strive to understand customer’s needs and deliver exceptional service.


Operational Excellence

We owe it to ourselves to engage in a perpetual quest for excellence at every level of our organization.


End-to-End Custom Solution

We provide efficient & reliable, end-to-end customized solutions across different business sectors.


Bespoke Solutions

Customized Solutions for Various Verticals & Trade Lanes.



Personalized global shipment visibility 24/7/365 on any device.



Purchase Order Management and global supply chain optimization


Data Intelligence

Data analysis and interpretation for strategic insights


Advanced Technology

Cutting-edge technology to improve global visibility and supply chain management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Freight Forwarding is what your freight forwarder does for you. And what your freight forwarder does acts as your well-informed guide to getting you the best shipping services at the best price quotes. We also manage the process of getting customs clearance for your shipment and make sure that you’re kept updated with the progress of your shipment while they’re in transit.

FCL stands for Full Container Load. This is when you need to transport a large quantity of goods and you pay for an entire shipping container for your shipment. On the other hand, LCL stands for ‘Less Than Container Load’ shipment. It means your goods will likely share container space with other shipments, but you only pay for the space that your shipment occupies.

As soon as your inquiry is registered, you gain access to our entire shipping schedule and the freight carriers in our network. Enter the details of your cargo details and where you’re shipping from and to, and we provide an instant range of competitively priced shipping quotes to choose from — and we also offer flexible payment terms.